Benefits of Choosing Invisalign for an Improved Smile

Conventional braces are quickly becoming the least popular choice for people looking to improve the look of their teeth. Invisalign braces have therefore become a popular alternative for a variety of reasons. But before we discuss why they are better, what are Invisalign braces in the first place? These are clear custom aligners shaped to suit and straighten your teeth. Unlike traditional wire braces, they are more comfortable to use, making them suitable for children and adults. Here are some significant advantages of choosing Invisalign for your teeth straightening needs. 

You can take it off any time

One major advantage Invisalign has over conventional wire braces is that they don't have to stay on throughout your treatment. Most people often have challenges brushing their teeth when wearing wire braces. Fortunately, that is not the case with Invisalign because you can take them off to properly clean your teeth and gums. Furthermore, you may also want to take them off when you are eating sticky or hard foods to avoid damaging them. A professional Invisalign dentist should provide precise information on how long you should wear your braces daily for the best results.  

It makes you less self-conscious

It is safe to say that most people want to have a beautiful set of straight teeth, and there is no reason why you should have to be shamed for seeking treatment. Unfortunately, with conventional braces, wearers often feel self-aware. Teenagers are the principal victims of this. During the teenage years, kids are constantly sensitive about their looks. Most of them get teased for wearing wire braces, affecting their confidence and concentration in school. Invisalign is the perfect solution for this problem. When fitted precisely, Invisalign braces are less noticeable while being incredibly practical. Invisalign can be why your teenager is less self-conscious, boosting their morale and self-assurance.

They are more comfortable

If you have spoken to someone with wire braces installed, they have probably narrated plenty of horror stories of discomfort and pain. With Invisalign braces, these stories have been relegated to the past. That is because Invisalign braces are easier on your teeth. Before your Invisalign dentist designs the braces, they first take an x-ray of your teeth to create customized liners. Doing this ensures that the Invisalign braces apply gentle pressure to your teeth for a comfortable fit. This process is repeated throughout your treatment. The old Invisalign braces are replaced with new ones that are slightly adjusted until your teeth are straightened correctly. These careful adjustments make Invisalign braces the most comfortable and preferred choice for achieving a beautiful smile.

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